Our Team

We have selected the best of the best when it comes to direct marketing service delivery. Our team comprises of subject matter experts that are on hand to meet your business challenges

  1. Account management
    • Our Marketing Fulfilment Partners are available to consult with you to understand your business requirements, marketing objectives and budgetary constraints. We can help you prepare a project ROI analysis to ensure your goals can realistically be achieved in a way that adds value to your marketing program.
    • Our Mailforce Customer Service team are on hand daily from 8am to 8pm to ensure all your needs are met in a timely fashion. The additional daily coverage means that last minute changes or requirements can be dealt with as they arise.
  2. Operations management
    • Collectively our team provides you with the know how to get complex and unusual formats to market. We specialise in providing mechanical solutions that deliver cost effective campaigns. From a campaigns inception we encourage you and your agency to engage with us to design mail packs that are optimised for subsequent downstream process
  3. Data analysis
    • Mailforce works with you to maximise the ROI of each campaign by:
      • Reducing churn through pre‐emptive targeting
      • Segmenting your customers for up‐selling opportunities
      • Targeting areas and selecting the best lists for acquisition.
  4. Programming and data management
    • Whether it be duplication of records, postal sorting or similar, we are well placed to assist you by creating a way in which you can have a good look at your customer and target sets. Each step of our process is fully reconciled to ensure transparency and accountable of your data.